We have the remarkable potential to create life. Capable of much, in the realm of labour, birthing people can trust their innate ability to birth well. When someone is reminded they are strong enough, that birth is within their capacity to handle, or that they have the ability to make appropriate choices for themselves or their baby, that person actively participates in their own birth. Birth is intense and has the potential to be highly impactful, physically and emotionally. Whatever your medical needs, you has the right to be listened to in one of the most profound experiences of your life, and to be surrounded with care that reminds you that you can do this.

When you are free to follow the intuition and rhythms of your body, and when you believe that labour is

within your ability and that your voice and opinions are worth honouring,

you can experience the secret that birth is beautiful.



 The best support surrounds you with what you need in order to focus on your task. This may be diverse for different people, but it all centres on the greatest emphasis to respect, honour and collaborate with the labouring person.

The role of a doula is not to influence you toward one particular vision of birth but

to believe in you and empower you to birth in your own way.