Pregnancy and Birth Package     $1000.00

·       Two in-depth prenatal meetings to explore how I can best support you leading up to and during your labour. We will discuss your birth priorities, comfort measures and how your partner can best connect with you during labour

·       24/7 text, call and email support

·       24/7 on call coverage, from 38 weeks on

·       Backup doula support 

·       Continuous labour support, beginning whenever you request my presence

·       Support and guidance for your partner

·       Hands on help with baby’s first feeding. I will not leave until both you and your baby have fed and are ready to rest

·       One postpartum visit, to reflect on your birth, answer any questions you may have, and complete our time together

Water Birth Pool Rental     $70.00

Reduce the would-be clutter of your storage closet and your environmental impact by renting rather than buying a birth pool. Rental includes 

·       One La Bassine birth pool, a durable and comfortable pool made with home labour and delivery in mind

·       One new, sealed and sterile La Bassine pool liner 

Your pool and liner will be hand delivered at 37 weeks and will be picked up within the week of your baby's arrival

Healing Birth Package     $1250.00

Everything included in the Pregnancy and Birth Package plus

·       One prenatal session of imaginative visualization, or listening prayer of your coming birth 

·       Postpartum sealing bath, a ritual to lead your body to bring back together the many parts of itself that opened during pregnancy and birth. This ancient ritual is practiced in many traditions and incorporates healing massage, herbal cleansing bath and a body wrapping ceremony.

Postpartum Sealing Bath     $250.00

This ritual honours the transformational change that is birthed with motherhood. Birth asks your body to open and give completely of itself to let go and birth your child. This experience leaves a woman open in her body. Her bones have shifted to make space for a child, her organs have moved to allow for a full womb. Now that the child has been delivered, she does not simply return to her former self. 

The ritual of a sealing bath is one that is practiced in many traditions, where the mother is honoured and gently guided to find herself, return to her own body and bring back together the parts of herself that opened in her pregnancy and birth, physically and emotionally. This can be performed once, or repeated as often as the mother finds helpful. Ideally, the Sealing Bath would be offered on the third day postpartum, on forty days postpartum, and on the return of the mother's menstrual cycle.


This ritual incorporates healing massage, herbal cleansing bath and a body wrapping ceremony

Postpartum Support

The postpartum period is a unique time in a new parent's life. Your baby was not the only one who experienced a dramatic life change. Learning to care for your newborn as well as honouring what your body and heart have accomplished, and lovingly nurturing your own self to a place of wellness is vital in this season.


Postpartum support assists you in confidently seeing and meeting your baby's cues for what they need and how to adjust to new life with a new baby. 

·       Initial newborn care such as confidently and gently changing and dressing your baby 

·       Help your new little one feel safe and content with baby baths, massage and more


Breastfeeding - it is a natural process, but sometimes it can still be tricky to figure out for you and your little one

·       In home breastfeeding tutorial and coaching available before or after the birth of your child together 

·       Drop in visit support to ensure you and baby are learning well 


Support for you in your fourth trimester 

·       Physical and emotional care to help body and your mind integrate your birth experience

·       Practical help of tending to household needs such as laundry and picking up groceries 

·       Care of your newborn child to enable you to care for yourself. Nap, go out for coffee, or a date, be free young mama.


Meitera offers post partum services at the rate of $30/hour. We can customize a support plan to suite your needs at your request.