I never heard of a woman who complained that she had too much support – A Calgary Midwife


I hesitated to hire Kate because I already had 2 midwives attending my birth -- I'm so grateful she was there - she supported my husband and I and she made my birth feel empowering and wonderful - she knew exactly what to say, where to support me physically and exactly what we needed. I expected my second labour to be like my first but it was very different. It was fast and very intense and there were moments where I just couldn't imagine the contractions getting stronger. Kate had this way of soothing me between contractions - reminding me to breathe it all out and relax. When I was nervous about the next contraction she'd be there whispering, "your body knows exactly what it's doing" and it always centered me and I felt prepared to ride out the next wave. It is hard for me to explain but without her I would have lost control and panicked - she was a constant anchor and she was so confident of what a woman's body is capable of.  She made me feel very proud of what I had accomplished. - Nikayla



 I had all these ideas of what I would try in labour, but once I was there, I forgot everything. I was so uncomfortable but assumed this is just the way it is. Then Kate gently said “after this next contraction, we are going to get you up to try another position.” I hadn’t even thought of moving until she suggested it. Sitting on a birth stool with my husband beside me to lean on, I was able to rest much more between contractions than when I was in bed. I would have never thought of that if Kate hadn’t gotten me to try. She thought about everything I needed, and my husband too. She ran to get him food and a coffee so he could stay with me, and even made space for him to take a little nap without feeling guilty for leaving me. When he returned, he was much more able to connect and help me. Without Kate, we would have been frozen in our assumptions that birth is just painful and something to get through. I would do it again tomorrow with Kate as my doula. - Jen 



The contractions were getting so intense. I had my eyes closed and was using everything I had within me to focus on staying relaxed and not start screaming or panic. When I opened my eyes in the middle of a contraction, Kate was watching me. I could see in her face that she knew I could do it. She held that for me when I couldn’t remember myself.  - Tara



While we celebrated our first pregnancy with great joy, I struggled with a lot of fear as I anticipated labour and delivery. Having Kate at the hospital with us was incredibly helpful. She brought peace, wisdom, and much-needed coaching for both me and my husband. She helped me through the most demanding experience of my life. We are so grateful for the support she gave us as we brought our daughter into the world. - Kara 



Bringing Kate as our Doula into our first birth experience was valuable beyond belief. She helped curate our pre-labour experience at home to be one of relaxation, anticipation, and excitement. My partner and I are forever grateful for those memories. During a difficult birthing experience, Kate continually helped us realize our agency in the decisions that needed to be made.  While our midwives were busy with the medical side and a birth in another room in the hospital, Kate was there. She constantly supported my partner and I in a meaningful way through encouragement and gentle guidance through each contraction, and a constant calming source of information that kept panic from clouding our decisions. Without her, we would have gotten lost in all of the voices and medical suggestions. She helped slow down what was happening and reminded us about the choices we could make. Our birth was not what I expected, but Kate helped me feel like every decision that was made was ours. I would highly recommend Kate as a doula to any expecting parents! - Jolene    



As someone who was mostly unaware of the function of a doula leading up to the birth of our son Oliver, my biggest questions were: 1) will my wife truly benefit from this or will a doula simply be another voice around a crowded hospital bed, and 2) how do I assign a value to this service to ensure I am paying a fair price for it? Looking back on the birth, I can say without exaggeration that the value of Kate’s presence is equal to the value you place on a peaceful, fulfilling birth experience. She brings a tranquil presence to the room, and her ability to connect with the mother-to-be and help her to remain focused and calm can only be described as spiritual. Over the course of a long labour, Kate remained steadfast and positive in encouraging Casey to adhere to our birth plan, which she helped us develop in the weeks leading up to the due date.  Because of her knowledge and her loyalty to us, we felt confident voicing our concerns and opinions to the doctors and nurses, which in turn helped them provide better care to Casey and Oliver. Additionally, Kate’s follow-up once we were home from the hospital was a great aid with the challenges of a newborn, and she helped Casey gain closure following the birth experience. It is without hesitation that I recommend Meitera Doula as part of your birth experience. - Mike



 Kate’s presence was more than I knew I could ask for. She seemed to know what I needed before I even thought it. Having her with us, taking care of the littlest things for my husband and myself helped me just trust the process. Before I started pushing, every contraction was so intense but her guiding touch and gentle words helped me remember this wasn’t beyond me. She reminded me to take in what I needed to get through this one contraction and be one breath closer to my baby girl. She helped me find the strength I had and trust that it would be enough.

– Megan